Emma Griffiths – Artists Development

An acoustic guitar, a great song, and a few days in the studio.

Some of our favourite sessions in the Big Sky Studio start life as a simple, but great song, written on an acoustic guitar with a single vocal.

Late 2015 we were fortunate enough to be approached by talented Leeds based solo artists, Emma Griffiths, who goes by the name of Arkhams.  Emma’s excellent song writing skills and effortless vocal style immediately got us excited about working with such a talented young artists from our region.

Fast forward to 2016 and we find ourselves in our first studio session of Emma’s EP project.

Song arrangement and melodies.

Our first session focused on song arrangement and making sure the melodies in Emma’s songs were supported by the right instrumentation. All three tracks started life as an acoustic guitar piece with a story style lyric, enhanced by catchy melodies and an almost relaxed delivery.

The focus of the produced tracks needed to remain on the vocals.  We supplied session playing for Drums, Bass Guitar, and Electric Guitar parts to dynamically lift the tracks in the right places and
define the sections within a full band arrangement.

Bellow is a sample of the original demo containing a vocal and acoustic track. The full multi track arrangement produced by Emma and Big Sky will then fade in.

Emma Griffiths – Worked up – Before/After

When a solo artist comes to our studio, our aim isn’t to rewrite their track. We want to support them with the right session players and enhance what they already have, a great song that needs to be heard.

Emma’s EP will be released later this year, we will make sure you hear about it when it’s available – we recommend you check it out!

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