How to build a recording studio

Four years in the Big Sky Studio

We recently celebrated our five year anniversary as a company and barely a month on we’ve reached another milestone. It has been four years since we finished building the Big Sky Studio and opened it for business!

Four years after opening the doors of our studio we look like a completely different company. Starting as a simple production house we have evolved into more of a modern media company than just a studio. We now offer recording, mixing & mastering, artist development, video production, publishing, distribution, corporate marketing and content creation, the list goes on… In an evolving and fast moving industry we have to keep up to succeed.

As with many people who now own and run recording studios, we started out with a simple setup across a couple of converted rooms in our house. Then one day the perfect building came up in the local newspaper. The right location, price, and size. We took the plunge, signed up and started knocking things down with a sledge hammer in order to build our studio. The question is, how do you build a studio…?

How to build a recording studio…

Back in 2012 when we took over the property that is now our studio I was holding down a sales job. I remember spending hours on private browsing when the managers weren’t watching and googling everything from how to soundproof walls, lay a wood floor, or install a fire door… At this point I also googled how much it would cost to get a company in to build it all for me. It was expensive and that idea was soon laid to rest.

Having been out of University and in a stable job for a little over a year we had just enough budget to get the materials needed, add to our equipment list from our home setup and pay a friend of mine who is a professional builder to do the heavy construction work such as dropping ceilings or building walls.

Budgets are meant to be broken (apparently)…

It was almost immediately evident that I had under budgeted the project by quite some margin. I stood and watched in horror as the dropped ceiling and one wall swallowed up 30+ bails of insulation and rock wool that was meant to do our entire live room.

We decided we can buy that must have new microphone later, but once the walls are up and plastered we can’t just nip back in to put in a another layer of rock wool! Invest in your room, it’s one of the most important aspects of your recording setup. We also had the added expense of needing a qualified electrician to re wire the entire building and add new fuse boxes. Something we didn’t realise until the existing walls came down and the state of the current electrics were painfully obvious…

Looking back over the pictures from our build have brought back some great memories. Despite the problems along the way and blowing our budget in the first few weeks of construction it was an incredibly exciting time for us, our families and everybody involved in the process.

As we enter our sixth year as a company we look forward to reaching the decade milestone, expanding our services, and working with as many new artists as possible.