Latest Offers

  • EP Package – £720

    Everything you need to produce a professional EP in a convenient package. Use our custom built live room to record then let our producers mix and master your tracks ready for release. Package is ideal to record 4 songs, get in contact to discuss your unique EP project and tailor this package to your needs. *   

  • Single package, record & video – £550

    Record your bands next single in the Big Sky Studio and produce a HD Music video to launch your latest track.  Perfect for making the most out of YouTube, Facebook video, and other online streaming services.  A recent study found the most popular way people between the age of 12-24 consume new music is via YouTube. *


Full day (8 hours) – £200

Perfect for recording a single or book multiple days for larger projects.

Per hour – £30

For smaller projects just book what you need. Minimum booking 1 full hour.

Video Production

Video 1 location – £480

Ideal for a band performance video, filming at one location + edit.

Video 2 location – £720

Band performance + one story line, two locations + edit.

Drum Covers

One track – £55

Professional audio and HD video, perfect for sharing online.

Two tracks – £95

Book two tracks and save on our drum cover service.

Live Sessions

Single track – £110

Perform you track live in the Big Sky studio, audio and video production.

Three tracks – £240

Perform 3 tracks live in the Big Sky studio, audio and video production.

Location Recording – £360

Perform 3 tracks live at a location of your choice, audio and video production.

* EP Package –  Includes three days studio time plus mixing and mastering for your EP.

* Single Package – Based on one day recording and single location video shoot. Audio track returned mixed and mastered with HD video and promo clip.